Introduction to the MTP distribution box

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-17

MTP match box description

MTP match box can be applied in all circumstances, for optical fiber terminal management and provide a flexible, standard connection and distribution of integrated wiring system. With simple installation, construction fast, compact design, high precision, characteristics of plug and play, is increasingly high capacity data center wiring requirements under the background of ideal solution.

the characteristics of the MTP match box

a, system characteristic,

( 1) Preliminary termination;

( 2) Installation is simple;

( 3) Quick construction;

2, high density

single MTP connector normally can accommodate 12 core is even more of the fiber core,

1 u the height of the wiring space can accommodate up to 96 LC fiber interface

save casing and frame space is conducive to the management of the cable

ordinary optical fiber distribution frame with highest core optical fiber capacity of up to 15000

three, high reliability,

all through high precision instrument testing to ensure that the system reliability

4, low-cost

( 1) Save the time of installation, testing,

( 2) Reduce labor cost

( 3) Shorten data center construction period

( 4) Reduce the material cost and the demand for housing space

5, extensibility,

future-oriented network infrastructure

support - 10/100 1 GBPS Ethernet and fiber channel standard

the ability of single mode for more than 10 GBPS

6, easy-to-use

it is easy to install removal and matching adjustment

design simple easy to operate, installation and test

MTP match box technical requirements

the FS MTP match box provided technical requirements:

a. Sandblasting, anodic oxidation treatment on the surface.

b。 Remove all burrs and oil pollution.

c。 All the edge Angle ( C 0。 5) 。

  d. Surface cleaning and fade, no scratches, groove hole port and no deformation, no sawtooth.

e。 After the installation is complete, no deformation and bending phenomenon.

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