Introduction of optical fiber network card

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-03

network card is a broad term, wikipedia is defined on the nic is a piece is designed to allow computers to communicate on the computer network of computer hardware. According to the different transport protocol, network CARDS can be divided into Ethernet card, the FC network card, ISCSI network card. Ethernet card also calls the fiber optic adapter, mainly on the server, which are frequently used in the construction of computer room, below focuses on optical fiber network card in the internal gigabit and Wan Zhao, light and electricity, the difference between the mouth and optical fiber network card and PC card, HBA card.

the difference between gigabit fiber optic adapter and Wan Zhao fiber optic adapter Wan Zhao fiber optic adapter and gigabit fiber optic adapter are mainly different transmission rate. Gigabit nics transmission rate is 1000 megabits per second ( Gigabit) While Wan Zhao card transfer rate is 10 GBPS ( Wan Zhao) It is ten times the gigabit fiber nic transmission rate.

fiber nic difference between light and electricity at the mouth of the optical fiber network card interface type can be divided into light and electricity.

fiber optic adapter light mouth: short for fiber optic port, the interface is divided into a variety of types such as SC, ST, LC, can match with SFP optical module encapsulation is given priority to, also have other types, in the wiring, need to pay attention to the interface type light mouth, adopts the corresponding equipment matching.

fiber nic electricity: wait for all sorts of twisted-pair cable RJ45 interface collectively, the current widespread use of electricity correlates with mouth, gigabit, Wan Zhao, etc.

fiber optic adapter light and electricity mouth: the difference between the different transmission distance, electricity mouth of maximum transmission distance is only 100 meters, and multimode light mouth can transmit a few hundred meters, single-mode light mouth can transport thousands of meters.

the difference between optical fiber network card and PC card 1, using the object: the difference between a fiber optic network card use on the server, PC card is mainly connected to the PC;

2, the difference between the transmission rate: PC currently USES 10/100 MBPSPC card, for has large server data traffic, the rate of general optical fiber network card for gigabit, so as to meet the communication needs of frequent;

3, work long difference: optical fiber network card has a special network control chip, can focus to work long hours, while the PC card is in a state of continuous work, can continuous working time is not more than 24 hours;

4, the price difference: optical fiber network adapter on the various performance is better than that of PC card, so the price is more expensive.

fiber network card should be how to choose? Server-side optical fiber network card due to advanced technology, the price will be much more expensive, therefore, we must pay attention to the use of the environment in use, in order to reduce the CPU usage, the server should be chosen with the function of automatic processing processor, also should have the server bandwidth optical fiber network to realize high fault tolerance, convergence, and other functions, so the server can be used to add a few piece of card to improve the reliability of system.

the current mainstream main optical fiber network card has a gigabit nic, 10 nics, 25 g CARDS, 40 g CARDS and 100 g CARDS, rapid, FS) Can provide 10 g, 25 g, 40 g three rate card, support VMDq, VxLAN and SR - IOV and other advanced capabilities, can provide flexible and scalable I/O solutions, to meet the mission critical application virtualization and unified storage environment of strict requirements, conforms to the data center in today's demanding environment, strong scalability, network extension reserve space for the future.

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