Introduction of optical fiber cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-24

transmitted light waves of dielectric waveguide. Optical fiber is made up into concentric double transparent medium of a kind of fiber. The most widely used medium material is quartz glass ( SiO2) 。 Inner medium known as the core, the refractive index is higher than the outer medium ( Called the cladding) 。 By mixed in the quartz glass impurities such as germanium, phosphate, fluorine, boron method of adjusting the refractive index of fiber core and cladding. Communication optical fiber transmission wavelength mainly to 0. 8 to 1. 7 microns near-infrared light. Vary with the type and the core of the fiber diameter, usually a few microns to 100 microns, most outside diameter is about 125 microns. It's outside the plastic coating layer. Fiber optic cable, FIG. 2) Combined by single or multiple optical fibers and enhance and protect. Cable can be used in all kinds of environment. Cable manufacturing method similar to the cable.

fiber optic cable

optical fiber communication is one of the important ways of modern information transmission. It has a large capacity, long distance relay, the secrecy good, is not subject to electromagnetic interference and saving copper, etc.

report using the information for a long time to track market data collected by optical fiber cable industry market, from the industry's overall height to architectural analysis system. Report mainly analyzes the current situation and prospect of optical fiber cable industry in China. Optical fiber cable industry pattern and concentration; Optical fiber cable industry technical condition.

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