Introduction of network distribution frame

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-20
Introduction of network distribution frame

network distribution frame is the most important components in cable management system, used for end user line or trunk. Between front end point of the cable into the device after the first to enter the distribution frame, and will play on the distribution frame module line, and then with a jumper wire ( RJ45 interface) The distribution frame and switches to connect. ) to connect equipment distribution frame is generally installed in the cabinet or on the wall, through the installation of accessories, network distribution frame can meet the demand UTP, STP, etc.

network distribution frame type classification according to the port number: network distribution frame can be divided into 12, 24, 48 mouth mouth network distribution frame and network distribution frame.

categories: according to the presence of shielding layer can be divided into block ( STP) Network distribution frame and the shielding ( UTP) Network distribution frame.

categories: depending on the type of connecting cable can be divided into Cat6 and Cat5e network distribution frame network distribution frame. Both belong to one of the most common, the highest use of network distribution frame.

Cat5e network distribution frame and Cat6 network distribution frame itself is not big difference, both Cat5e network distribution frame is used to manage the Cat5e cable components, and Cat6 network distribution frame is used to manage the Cat6 cable components. Cat6 cable wire diameter greater than Cat5e cables ( More thick) , but this does not prevent the mutual connection between them, namely the Cat5e cable can be connected to the Cat6 network distribution frame is used, Cat6 cable can use distribution frame with Cat5e network connection. Wiring system performance mainly depends on the connecting cables, rather than a distribution frame.

network distribution frame connection

1, connected

connected refers to the level of information socket cable connected to the workshop distribution frame between two ends connected to wiring, distribution frame and network equipment through the plug cable connection. The connection using the distribution frame of front panel for RJ 45 port, usually as a result, network equipment and use the RJ - between distribution frame 45 - - RJ - 45 plug cable.

2, cross connection

cross connection refers to the cross in the horizontal link two distribution frame installation. Among them, the level and the information of the workshop at the end of the cable socket connected to the other end connected to the distribution frame between wiring, network equipment, through the plug cable to connect to another distribution frame, and then, through multiple Ethernet cable plug connect two distribution frame, so as to realize the management of the network users.

network distribution frame installation steps and matters needing attention:

1) check the distribution frame and the corresponding parts is complete;

2. Distribution frame installed on the cabinet design the location of the column;

3. Line management, regulate position;

(4) termination lineup.

5. Ready, install a good article label.


1) distribution frame should be installed in the cabinet below the centre;

(2) the installation of the distribution frame to plug in the direction of the crystal head facing;

3. When installation should pay attention to horizontal installed and fixed distribution frame.

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