Introduction of cable terminal box, and functional features

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-10
A product profile of the

cable box, differences also called cable terminal box, project traders often called fiber optical cable tray box, is at the end of terminal protection cable laying optical cable and fiber welding box, it is mainly used for indoor optical cable direct force and branch and cable terminals fixed, have the effect of tail fiber disc storage and protection of joint.

product function features

1. Epoxy electrostatic spraying, light weight, high strength, good appearance, easy to use.

2。 Overlay structure is used to weld flange, flexible configuration, preferable to the work table welding, convenient operation and maintenance.

3。 In cable fixture, welding flange and clamp, and has reliable grounding device. With cable fixed, welding function, the effect of welding cable, used to implement the tail fiber and optical fiber cable connection.

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