Install the distribution frame shielding wiring system need to pay attention to what?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-03

shielding wiring system is mainly reflected in the advantages of strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference ability; At the same time also can prevent the internal transmission signals to the outside world energy radiation, has the very good system security.

shielded cabling system installation

block the installation of the wiring system mainly involves two aspects: the floor layout and work area between shielded cable termination and grounding system.

based on the particularity of the shielding system, need to make sure that the shielding layer in the range of 360 degrees of electricity with modules and distribution frame shield have good contact, rather than at some point to realize connection, at the same time shielding layer can't appear in the same link between fracture.

1, use special clamping tool to remove the husk of the shielded cable

2, separate the strip away 4 of twisted-pair cable conductor, do not open it to the conductor line, according to the information on the module indicated by the core color line sequence, the hands on a small section between the corresponding core, a little hard to lead in the corresponding slot.

3, all good conductor are embedded with the lineup after clamps the core further down their into the slot. Aim the lineup tool edge information module slot and conductor, module redundant line was cut off. Repeat the operation, but also in the cable line connected to the module at the back of the sheet metal.

4, plastic dustproof piece along the gap of information module through the twisted pair, and fixed on the information module, drive module iron cap, can complete the production of module after compaction process. Then make good information module into the socket.

5, information module is made after also can test the connection whether is good, the multimeter to measure available at this time. Beat multimeter gear in x10 resistance, the universal bead whose hands with a line on the other side of the corresponding core contact, another multimeter pen conductor contact information on the module card into the corresponding color card slot edge ( Note that not contact conductor) , if the resistance is small, then prove that information module connection is good, or to use, the clamp pressure the corresponding core until smooth. Also can use the professional test instrument, such as the FLUKE, according to the different object choice different shielding test standard.

a complete block wiring system installation requirements everywhere blocking, a continuous and complete shielding path, in order to achieve the result of user expectations. If you choose to use shielding system, in addition to cable, module, distribution frame, such as fitting you need to use a shield, coupled with the metal bridge and pipe at the same time. Electricity flows through the principle of electrostatic shielding is to make the interference shielding outer into the earth, so it is very important to properly earthed shielding layer. Grounding

block distribution frame grounding accessories are used in the bus, it can block all modules to connect it to the unity of grounding body, form the distribution frame of the grounding channel.

block distribution frame with ground parts there are two major categories:

1. Installed in the ground within the distribution frame accessories

installation within the distribution frame of grounding accessories elastic, when shielded cabling system installation module inserted into the distribution frame, the automatic metal shell and accessories to form a good grounding, completed the shielding module grounding work.

2。 Independent grounding accessories

independent grounding parts can not block distribution frame into a block distribution frame, this type of shielding module typically contains pluggable grounding interface bonding jumper. After the shielding module is inserted into the distribution frame, bonding jumper from the earthing accessories in shielding grounding interface module, forming shielding grounding connection module.

should be equipped with grounding distribution frame, can make the grounding wire from the cabinet with the lap. Traditional block distribution frame is adopted by the ground through the metal cabinet pillar, this approach is no longer used.

the shielding grounding of distribution frame can use the following way:

1. Each block distribution frame through their grounding wire connected to the cabinet on the confluence of copper platoon, form the star grounding structure;

2。 The grounding copper platoon at the bottom of the cabinet, and use separate grounding wires connect the grounding copper platoon to wiring between ( Between telecom) The grounding pile ( The grounding copper platoon) Between each cabinet, grounding form the star structure;

3。 The grounding wire cross-sectional area should be greater than 6 was;

4。 Earthing wire should be used commonly used cold-rolled electrical welding pieces, lest thrum of scattered short circuit;

5。 Discharge capacity, in order to improve the high frequency interference signal suggested that need woven wire grounding wires, with greater surface area of the skin effect of high frequency current demand.

shielded cabling system installation project, in addition to high quality wire, plug pieces, good construction skills, meticulous work attitude is essential. Pay attention to the details in the process of construction, completes the shielding system in each link of grounding, believe that will be able to make high quality of shield project.

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