Gigabit industrial switches malfunction phenomenon of packet loss

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-06

there are many places worth learning, industrial switches here we mainly introduce how to avoid the gigabit switch energy industrial data control packet loss phenomenon. Flow control does not improve data throughput of the whole industrial switches, but avoid the phenomenon of packet loss in industrial switches. Gigabit Ethernet physical principle layer protocol IEEE defines several gigabit Ethernet interface for different physical media, has a base - 1000 1000Base -,CX 1000Base - SX, LX 1000 base - 笔。

industrial switches

the base - 1000 CX is used for 155 Ω balance on the coaxial cable of the interface, in practice, there is no real products, base - 1000 T is can be used for class 5 or higher category twisted-pair cable interface, it is standard IEEE802. 3 ab, this standard has just released in June 1999, now just launched in the market of commercial products.

1000 base - Interface using the 850 nm wavelength laser SX, only applies to the multimode fiber. 1000Base - LX use 1300 nm wavelength laser interface, suitable for single-mode and multimode fiber. A base 1000 SX is mainly used in the campus network and enterprise network backbone.

a base 1000 LX is mainly used in metropolitan area network, metropolitan area network now is another is widely applied in base a LH 1000 long-distance gigabit to too network switches, optical interface, general use 1300 nm and 1550 nm wavelength laser, can achieve even more than 50 km, 100 km of WuZhongJi transmission distance.

need special pointed out that because of the bad given the IEEE is * transmission under the condition of gigabit Ethernet transmission distance, in practice, each manufacturer's product transmission distance is far more than the provisions of the standard, such as alcatel PowerRail gigabit routing switch 1000 base - LX interface for 22 km WuZhongJi transfer in the actual test.

gigabit industrial switch efficiency

half duplex gigabit switches industrial efficiency problem has always been its weaknesses, in one and a half duplex Ethernet workstation ( Such as computer) After the number increased to a certain threshold, though each workstation is 10 MBPS rate to send data, but due to the increase of the conflict, have to wait for each workstation is it possible to send data, after a long time so that each workstation get sharp decline in the average of the available bandwidth.

in the full-duplex switched Ethernet, the CD conflict detection mechanism in the CSMA/CD protocol is no longer needed, each workstation can get exclusive bandwidth. So the efficiency of full-duplex switched Ethernet are no longer depends on the number of workstations within the network, but decided by the length of the Ethernet frame.

gigabit industrial switch reliability

from the traditional sense, Ethernet is regarded as a local area network ( LAN) Technology, is widely used in the enterprise network, therefore the gigabit Ethernet switches and the reliability of Ethernet has not been as * key factors into consideration.

as switched full-duplex fast Ethernet and gigabit switches matures, more and more operators choose gigabit Ethernet as a technology of choice for MAN city domain network, the reliability of gigabit industrial switches will be operators consider the key factors.

for gigabit switch industry to achieve a reliable man, now there are two kinds of mature technology: gigabit Ethernet port aggregation; Gigabit to too the 1 + 1 backup. If the gigabit industrial switches used in bearing IP business, in the network layer IP this level, also can use ring or mesh network topology, using IP routing protocol to guarantee network reliability.

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