Get to Know About Toslink

by:Fiber Hope     2020-04-01
An optical fiber cable is a cable that contains one or more optical fibers. These are individually coated plastic layers with protective tune which is suitable for the environment where the cables are use. Toslink is an optical cable manufactured by Toshiba used for connecting CD players. Toslink not only supports different media formats and other many physical standards. It is an external hot pluggable cable which supports the speed from 3.1 to 125 mbit/s. The main components of the Toslink cable are Transmission and Receiving module, this cable and Optical connector. The Transmission module converts signals from electrical into optical. Receiving module convert the optical signals to electrical signals. The optical fiber is used for transmission requirements and Optical connector which helps in connecting the sending and receiving modules. Originally Toslink was developed by Toshiba for connecting their own CD players. In course of time, it came to be developed for usage by other CD player manufactures. These provides smooth transmission of data which is not possible with electric data transmission due to noise distortion. This is the reason why other manufactures adopted Toshiba's Toslink. Its outstanding performance makes it higher preferred over the other models. The male Toslink cable use low cost plastic optical fiber which measures 1 mm. But high quality fibers are used based on the bandwidth requirement increases, which are uses for high transmissions. The cables are usually 5 meters of length and can be as long of 10 meters. However signal boosters are essential apart from connecting CD players they can also be used for connecting DVD players and game consoles. Though the cable supports all the modern format, it does not support TrueHD, DTS HD and Dolby Digital Plus.
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