Crystal sheath and the application scope of usage

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-26

crystal head the application range of the sheath

is widely applied to various large, medium and small enterprise office decoration, home decoration, multimedia entertainment center and residential, intelligent remote management digitization construction, a large database of high speed local area network computer room, etc.

crystal head the use of the sheath

1. With pressing line clamp wire stripping blade will cable outer protective scraping, carefully the twisted-pair cable insulation scraping the broken inside.

2。 Show line of twisted-pair cable in 4.

3。 According to T568B standard wires in accordance with the provisions of serial number ( White orange, orange, white, green, blue, white, blue, green, white, brown, brown) Lined up.

4。 Will be 8 wire flat neatly arranged parallel, leaving no space between the wires.

5。 Prepare to use wire clamp edge will be 8 wire cut short.

6。 Cut short cables, note to cut in neatly, wire length is too short, 10 - 12mm) 。

7。 Cable into the RJ - will be cut short Try 45 jacks, length, to be inserted in the end, to ensure that every one can come into contact with copper, cable outer protective layer in RJ - should be able to finally 45 plug within the cavity is pressed.

8。 In determining the RJ - everything is all right 45 after sorting and correct, in real hard with pressing line clamp pressure, pressure can be.

use crystal sheath of the note

1. As far as possible to reduce unnecessary plug cable crystal head, avoid shrapnel due to fatigue fracture.

2。 When plug cables crystal head, be careful not to overexert, strong pull hard drag.

3。 In production line crystal head, because selects the high quality product, avoid the crystal head shrapnel fracture due to material problems.

4。 Production line crystal head, cable length should have certain allowance, when damage in the crystal head can be redone.

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