Corning Enterprise Fiber Optic Cable - Types and

by:Fiber Hope     2020-03-29
Corning Cable Systems (also called CCS) provides a very complete fiber cable product line for enterprise networks. Enterprise fiber network market includes universities, businesses, medical compuses, and more. Application types vary a lot from indoor to outdoor. So let's dive into the types of fiber cables Corning provides in this market. Corning's Indoor Fiber Cables for Enterprise Networks a) Indoor Tight Buffered Fiber Cable Corning's MIC Riser Cables are designed for use in riser and general purpose environments for intrabuilding backbone and horizontal installations. These multi-fiber cables use 900 µm TBII Buffered Fibers which makes easy, consistent stripping and facilitate termination. This cable has a dielectric central member, the fibers are surrounded by dielectric strength members and protected by a flame-retardant outer jacket. The all-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding, making these cables ideal for routing inside buildings including riser shafts, to the telecommunications rooms and workstations. b) Indoor Ribbon Fiber Cable Corning's Ribbon Plenum Cables are designed for use in plenum, riser and general purpose environments for intrabuilding backbone installations and for high-fiber-count data centers. These cables consist of 2 to 216 fibers organized into 12-fiber ribbons inside a central tube. Dielectric strength members provide tensile strength while a specially formulated flame-retardant outer jacket allows the design to meet the requirements of the NFPA 262 flame test. c) Indoor Loose Tube Fiber Cable Corning's MIC 250 Cables utilize 250 µm color-coded optical fibers, surrounded by dielectric strength members with a flexible, flameretardant outer jacket. These cables are very good for creating multi-fiber preconnectorized assemblies as the 12-fiber groupings enable compatibility with multi-fiber connectors. The flexible, flame-retardant jacket and non-preferential bend axis allow installation in space-constrained areas and the all-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding. These cables come in 62.5 µm, 50 µm and single-mode versions, including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet versions. d) Indoor Interconnect Corning's Zipcord Riser Cables are designed for interconnect applications. Two 900 µm tight buffered fibers are surrounded by aramid yarn dielectric strength members and a flame-retardant jacket. This cable design offers mechanical durability and flame resistance that meets UL-1666 requirements for riser and general building applications. This cable also meets requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) Article 770 and the cables are OFNR and CSA FT-4 listed. Corning's Outdoor Fiber Cables for Enterprise Networks a) Outdoor Loose Tube Corning's ALTOS All-Dielectric Gel-Free Cables are designed for outdoor and limited indoor use for campus backbones in lashed aerial and duct installations. The loose tube gel-free design is waterblocked using water-swellable materials. The flexible buffer tubes can be routed in closures and the SZ-stranded, loose tube design isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors while allowing midspan access. The all-dielectric cable construction requires no bonding or grounding and these cables have a medium-density polyethylene jacket that is rugged, durable and easy to strip. A variety of fiber types are available including 62.5 µm, 50 µm, single-mode and hybrid versions, as well as fibers with Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance. b) Outdoor Single Tube Corning's SST-Drop Dielectric Cables offer installation of standard ALTOS Cables in a single-tube design. The dielectric version doesn't require bonding and grounding. The cables are RDUP listed (formerly RUS) and offer very good crush resistance. c) Outdoor Ribbon Corning Cable Systems SST-Ribbon Gel-Free Cables introduces high-fiber-count gel-free cables. It provides up to 432 fibers in a compact design, the coupling features ensure the ribbon stack and cable act as one unit, providing long-term reliability in aerial, duct and direct-buried applications. These features also minimize ribbon movement in situations where cable vibration may occur. d) Outdoor Tight Buffered Corning's tactical fiber optic cable is for routing in all environments or conditions between buildings and modular telecommunications gear for communications, data or video. Applications include military mobile communications (temporary or permanent communication systems), traffic and video control (optical feeds in rugged environments), broadcast video (temporary or permanent setups at events), and industrial or other harsh environments (extreme conditions such as abrasive or chemical atmospheres and high crush environments).
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