Cable terminal box installation requirements

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-10

1, the information module, the multi-user cable terminal box, collection point layout module is installed, installation and height should meet the design requirements.

2, installed on the floor or ground, should be fixed in the junction box, information panel in the form of vertical and horizontal, junction box cover can be opened, and should have the function of waterproof, dustproof, compression, junction box cover surface should be flush with the ground.

3, fiber optic cable terminal with box installation information module and a power socket at the same time, space and take protective measures should comply with the design requirements.

4, cable terminal with a fixed method shall be determined by specific conditions of site construction, expansion screws, nail installation are available, and information of the module with the bottom box fixed method according to the construction site conditions.

5, fixed screw to tighten loose should not produce phenomenon. Base, information module and the installation of the panel should be solid and stable, no loose phenomenon, the panel shall be maintained in a horizontal plane do beautiful and tidy.

6 cable terminal box, installation on the wall, its location should be higher than the ground around 300 mm. When the ground USES floor board of activity in the room. Cable terminal box shall be 300 mm from the floor surface.

7, all kinds of socket panel shall have the logo? With color, graphics, text indicates that type of terminal equipment business.

8, workspace terminating end of fiber optical fiber connecting device and adapter installation box should have enough space? And should comply with the design requirements

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