Cable terminal box environment and functional requirements

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-11

cable terminal box definition:

OTB, fixed cable terminal box is mainly used for cable terminal, cable and tail fiber of welding and the residual fiber shelter and protection. Many engineering, also called fiber optical cable tray box, is at the end of terminal protection cable laying optical cable and fiber welding box, it is mainly used for indoor optical cable direct force to fixed and branch and cable terminal, have the effect of tail fiber disc storage and protection of joint.

environmental requirements:

a. Cable terminal box is not suitable for use in open air, if you want to use, protection measures should be taken.

b。 Working temperature: - 25℃~ + 40℃

c。 Storage temperature: a 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

relative humidity: not more than 85% ( At 30 ℃)

  d. Pneumatic: 70 ~ 106 kpa

functional requirements:

1. Has the introduction of fiber optic cable, wiring tail fiber leads and fixed and protection of cable, wiring tail fiber and the fiber properties are not damaged.

2。 Have the function of the cable terminal from environmental impact.

3。 Has the cable insulation and metal components and fiber optic cable terminal box shell can easily lead to the function of the ground.

4。 Provide cable terminal placement and remaining optical storage space, and easy installation and operation.

5。 Box fixed physical impact strength enough, and corresponding with different occasions of the installation function.

6。 When necessary, should have cable differences in function, functional requirements.

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