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by:Fiber Hope     2020-02-21

'Internet' promotes and leads the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.  The cable industry has entered the 'internet' era and provided platforms and channels for cable enterprises to 'go out'.  Li Qingzhen, reporter of China Electric Power News Network, 'Under the new normal, the combination of the cable industry and the Internet of Things is a good choice. From research and development to production to sales, it is also a way for cable enterprises to achieve intelligent informatization of full operation services, do a good job in product reputation, and choose a blue ocean market for future development. Jiang Huajun, general manager of Far East Smart Energy Co. , Ltd. , told China Electric Power news that the cable industry has entered the 'internet' era, and cable enterprises should actively embrace the Internet and the internet of things, through close integration, new hopes can be expressed in generate. ''Internet' exports a culture and concept to traditional industries. As a virtual system, the Internet itself does not produce any real products, but gradually imports and permeates the culture and genes of the Internet into traditional industries, it will make traditional industries burst out with greater innovation ability and stronger vitality, thus promoting and leading the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. 'Far East buy and sell treasure Network Technology Co. , Ltd (Referred to as 'buy and sell Treasure ') General manager Sun Lu told the China Electric Power news reporter. 'Internet' gave birth to a new model of cable industry.  'The integration of Internet and traditional industry is not a simple physical reaction, but a chemical reaction, which will make the traditional industry burst out with brand-new vitality. 'Sun Lu said in an interview with a reporter from China Electric Power News that' Internet 'and Internet thinking will be a new way for the development of the cable industry, the formulation of the 'internet' action plan will accelerate the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and the industrial internet, including the cable industry, will become a trend. The future must be the internet of things era of 'no business, no e-commerce, no business, no mobility. It is understood that Far East Holding Group is a traditional enterprise that entered the Internet field earlier. Facts have proved that the 'one network and two platforms' pioneered by Far East Holding Group in 2011 '( One network refers to cable network, two platforms refer to buy and sell treasure, China Cable Materials Exchange)It has achieved obvious results. 'Buy and sell treasure has opened the 'internet cable manufacturing industry', which will play three major roles in the cable industry. One is the leading role, and the core of leading is demonstration. The second is the agglomeration effect.  The key words are 'reshuffle', 'Internet, manufacturing' is equal to 4. 0. The third is reshaping.  Reshaping is change, promoting industry restructuring and innovation through the 'internet' platform. 'Chen Huizhong, secretary general of Shanghai Wire and Cable Industry Association, commented on buying and selling treasure. At present, most domestic cable enterprises are facing a series of real survival and development problems such as overcapacity, rising production costs, financing difficulties and sustainable development. In this regard, some experts believe that the third industrial revolution and the fourth energy revolution have brought infinite imagination to the cable industry.  In order to ensure the development momentum in the next round of revolution, cable Enterprises need to innovate in technology and system. In fact, 'Internet' shows a broad development prospect for the cable industry.  'Internet' is an unavoidable link and an opportunity for the cable industry. 'Both sides of production and marketing should firmly grasp the 'internet' and take advantage of low cost to change the sales mode so that production and marketing will not be kidnapped by big dealers and salesmen. Enterprises firmly produce standard products and can make profits, which will lead the industry to the right path. 'He Mingzhi, director of the electrical inspection center of Henan Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, believes. Some experts believe that the new development path of the combination of cable and e-commerce can not only open up a broader market for enterprises, but also optimize the resource allocation of the cable industry, promote the sound development of the industry. The in-depth practice of 'Internet' is fruitful, 'Internet thinking is neither mysterious nor magical. The 'six-pulse sword' of Internet thinking is focus, simplicity, extreme, cause, fast, free, first, the Internet will no longer be just the display, exchange, communication and dissemination of information. At present, China's Internet penetration rate is only 46, and there is huge room for development. 'Sun Lu said in an interview with the China Electric Power news reporter. Sun Lu was the participant of the first wave of the Internet in 1990s S, and also the witness and participant of the development of the Internet to today's 'Internet, he has a deep understanding and unique insights on the core idea of 'Internet' and the changes that 'internet' has brought to the electrical and electrical industry. In fact, the Internet has become an irreversible development trend in the world. So, what is the magic of the Internet? In Sun Lu's view, a large part of the magic power of the internet comes from its five functions, four functions and three values. Sun Lu believes that the Internet has five functions: including information dissemination function, communication function between people, leisure and entertainment function, e-commerce function, and a function in the future, the realization of monitoring between people and things is the concept of the internet of things. Four functions: saving time, labor, money and worry; The three major values of the Internet include reducing the cost of information circulation, improving the overall operation efficiency, and realizing the optimal allocation of overall resources. Sun Lu's deep practice of 'internet' has yielded fruitful results. In his view, the Taobao platform is a typical representative of the 'Internet', an e-commerce platform of 'Internet, electrical and electrical, mainly engaged in online transactions of cables, supporting hardware accessories, home decoration and electrical and electrical products. After more than 4 years of development, it has achieved remarkable results: cable network has become the first network media in the cable and electrical industry, its influence has been highly concerned by AQSIQ, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electric Power Enterprise Federation and people's network. It is understood that the revenue of buy and sell treasure in 2014 was nearly 1. 5 billion, doubling for three consecutive years. As a spot platform serving the continuous trading of raw and auxiliary materials for Cable Enterprises and electrical and electrical enterprises, China Materials Exchange can reduce inventory for sellers, improve cash flow, solve urgent problems for buyers and reduce procurement costs. At present, China Materials Exchange has more than 500 continuous trading members and more than 5000 effective buyer members, and has set up its own delivery library and branch team all over the country. Regarding the future development trend of the 'internet' era, Sun Lu believes that the future must be the 'Internet of Things' era of 'no business, no e-commerce, no business, no mobile, the Internet of Things will have a greater scope and efficacy than Internet applications. Any fixed item may eventually become intelligent and connected to the Internet, including the energy internet and the energy internet of things.                                

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