Cable connection box inner structure?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-15

cable connection box, also called cable connector box and the gun barrel, is the place where the end of the cable connection, and then through the optical fiber jumper wire connected to the light switch, prevent heat, cold in nature, light, material aging caused by oxygen and microorganism, and it has excellent mechanical strength, strong optical cable joint box shell and the main body structure can bear the worst environmental changes, and a flame retardant, waterproof, shock, impact, fiber optic cable stretching, distortion, etc. Are protected. Internal structure

1, brace: is the main part of the internal components.

2, cable fixed device: used for cable with the base fixed and fixed cable strengthen components. It is in the internal fixed cable strengthen core; 2 it is cable with the support frame clamping fixed; Three is the cable and connector box in and out of line with of hot shrinkage sheath seal.

3, optical fiber placed device: can there be sequentially deposited and remaining fiber optical fiber connectors, remaining the length of the fiber should not be less than 1 meter, remaining fiber pan winding path of not less than 35 mm. The holding plate more than four layers, large capacity, and can be adjusted according to optical some shelter plate.

4, fiber optic connectors protection: protection after the heat shrinkable casing on the fiber core clamp holding plate silicone fixed method may be adopted.

5, cable and connector box seal: of the fiber and the base of the cable connector box and cable junction with emery cloth for grinding, polishing with cleaner place clean, aluminum foil, then heat shrinkable tube on the connector box into the cable, with a torch, in accordance with the first after the middle to the ends of the slow heating, make whole heat shrinkable tube contraction can be completely.

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