Application status of data center wiring

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-28

in recent years, the data center network demand continues to grow, according to cisco's statistics and forecast, from 2015 to 2020, the global data center overall throughput annual compound growth of 27%, the cloud data center annual compound growth of 30%, traditional local data center maintain the steady growth of 9% a year.

at present, most of the data center is to use copper wiring scheme, short multimode optical device, long-distance single-mode optical devices. The multimode SR4 and single-mode PSM4 solutions dominate. Data center internal wiring choice is one of the most key indicators of cost and lowest cost solution for the most often have an advantage. Therefore, the SR for hundreds of meters distance, LR used for more than two kilometers long. Alibaba is in the network using gbase - 100 SR4 multimode optical fiber connection, found that the ratio based on the connecting way of single mode fiber and PSM4 or CWDM4 more cost-effective. Given the size of the enterprise local data center and storage requirements, architecture, network capacity, multimode optical fiber and VCSEL will continue to be the first solution of this important market.

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