About the hidden trouble of non-standard PoE switches

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-19

a POE switch is on the basis of the traditional Ethernet switches, strengthen the function of POE, inside the switch not only have the function of data exchange, can also transmit electricity at the same time through the Internet. The main advantage of a POE switch *, * is to use Ethernet cable power supply.

a, centralized power supply

a single UPS can provide all the equipment in the power supply of power.

2, safety

the POE power supply end equipment will only for power supply equipment power supply, the only connection to the power supply equipment, Ethernet cable voltage will exist, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on line.

3, installation is convenient

POE switches only need to install and support a cable, simple and save space, and the device can move.

4, cost savings,

a lot of electric equipment, such as video surveillance cameras, etc. , all need to install where is difficult to deploy AC power supply, POE makes it no longer requires expensive power supply and install power the amount of time, save costs and time.

5, simple to use

as data transmission, POE can be through the use of simple network management protocol ( SNMP) To supervise and control the device. Users can automatically and safely on the network mixed original equipment and POE equipment, the equipment can coexist with the existing Ethernet cable. In the wireless local area network (LAN), POE can simplify the rf test task, access points can be easily move and access.

6, to facilitate management of network equipment

because when the remote devices are connected to the network, can with remote control, or reset.

non-standard PoE switch power supply is relative to the standard PoE switch power supply, and speak of is no PoE switch control chip inside it, there is no test this step, whether IP terminal support PoE switches would give it power supply, if IP terminal not PoE switch power supply, it is likely to be burned so.

1, choose the 'non-standard' less POE switches

choose selection criteria as far as possible when POE switch, has the following advantages:

the supply, PSE) With the electricity side ( PD) Dynamically perceive and adjust the power supply voltage.

effective protection by the electrical side ( Usually the IPC) Don't be dianji burn out ( Other aspects and short circuit, surge protection, etc. ) 。

a intelligent detection terminal support PoE switches, power supply when access the PoE switch terminal.

non-standard POE switches in order to save cost, usually no more than security measures, it has certain security hidden danger. But not must not use non-standard PoE switches, when non-standard PoE switch voltage and the electrical equipment of voltage matching, also can use, and can reduce the cost.

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