5 g technology exactly what can be done about it?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-03

all companies believe 5 g technology can bring competitive advantage for them, but not clear 5 g technology of practical application. Telecom operators all know has tens of millions of $amount of market opportunities waiting for them, but don't know how to put a faster speed, more powerful network intelligence into the potential market share.

service provider through with those plans will be added to their own 5 g digital products of the company, the network can be turned into 'create value net'. Here are 5 g technology 7 big advantage.

a, cloud robotics and automation,

manufacturers are expected to use automation and cloud technology to simplify the process and eliminate the human error. Supported by the 5 g network connection wireless man-machine interface to eliminate the limitation of the static line today, accelerate the transformation of production environment.

2, remote control machine

cranes, mechanical arm and other remote machines can improve operational efficiency, increase the workers' safety. Bomb is sent from unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to express, the robot and the machine needs to be reliable and low latency of the wireless connection ( Usually the long distance transmission, , for accurate operation.

three, video monitoring and analysis

low latency and high capacity of 5 g will strengthen the video monitoring and analysis to make more intelligent space. Installed on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) or in hard to reach the wireless camera will improve safety, at the same time can also provide camera to help the company to carry on the analysis, to improve decision making.

4, immersive experience

5 g technology will bring brand-new immersive experience. 360 - degree virtual reality technology ( VR) Can let people enjoy activities like performance, and interactive game; And in the workplace, augmented reality ( AR) How technology can train workers such as dangerous situation, and don't let them get hurt.

5, smart venue

in the stadium and the concert hall, the venue operators can use AR and VR attract fans, provide real-time covering sports statistics and playback, to let them like place oneself in real play or game.

6, networked vehicle

5 g technology could make traffic driving more simple, safety and enjoyment. Driving the car for entertainment and information, such as car to the car or the car to the communication between infrastructure to inform the driver the upcoming traffic jams. Assistant driving and automatic driving functions all can make driving more pleasant.

7, electronic health

the hospital be able to use 5 g technology to enhance nursing service, including electronic health services. Guaranteed the upload speed to let the ambulance the key data transmission to the hospital, let the doctor in the patient's diagnosis could be carried out before we arrive. 5 g technology of low latency or even able to support remote surgery and other innovative applications.

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