10 g PON optical module status quo and development trend

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-08

3 g, HDTV, cloud computing and other new concepts in imperceptible in into the line of sight of people, immediately triggered a new round of the bandwidth of the crisis. Currently, 10 gpon technology is considered to be a new technology that could satisfy the requirement of higher bandwidth choice, hisense broadband is walking in the forefront of 10 gpon technology development, the 10 gpon optical module has started to mass production. In the stone of the eighth conference, hisense broadband CTO Dr Li to '10 present situation and development trend of gpon module' as the theme, around 10 gpon technology standard, 10 gpon MSA progress, 10 g - light module Product introduction and 10 g EPON - EPON solution, to show you the 10 gpon module technical progress and wide development prospect in the future.

10 GPON technology standard

from APON, BPON to EPON and GPON and WDM - PON, PON technology has experienced its reduced and evolution, constantly to mature, growing on the application. People in the pursuit of better speed, 10 gpon arises at the historic moment. Many domestic manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to the development of 10 gpon, itch to try.

Dr Lee for 10 g - EPON standard progress very attention, he told everyone, IEEE begin as early as 2006-10 g EPON standard IEEE802. 3 av research and make the work, and will be published in September 2009. In addition, he is especially of 10 g - The wavelength of EPON are analyzed in detail.

10 gpon optical module MSA progress

the so-called MSA refers to many manufacturers agreement, Dr Lee thinks it is very necessary. 10 gpon module market need to jointly promote the whole industry chain, to the height of the upstream and downstream enterprises cooperation. He told everyone, China telecom in recent test, the huawei, zte has adopted the hisense broadband 10 gpon product. From the point of standards, framework has been completed, but the light module specific form is not entirely sure, many details of the work is under way.

10 g - EPON product introduction

issued by the IEEE 2007 first 10 gepon draft standard, hisense broadband to participate in the examination and approval standards and all the way, many years of technology accumulation and use the light module breakthroughs the 10 g - EPON key technical bottlenecks. Hisense 10 gpon optical module USES the international standard XFI high-speed electrical interface, L - XFP encapsulation and XFP encapsulates two structures. L - XFP structure of the product can achieve 10 gepon coexist with 1 gepon, can complete as many as four road signal of photoelectric conversion, can satisfy the demands of FTTH single fiber output.

10 g - EPON industry chain and key technology of

in high bandwidth business, driven by domestic and foreign telecom operators such as Japan's NTT, KDDI, such as South Korea KT, development of 10 gepon keep enough attention and interest. EPON chip makers also spare no effort to 10 gpon technology development and innovation. In addition, 10 gepon light module technology basic mature at present, there have been some manufacturers provide light module.

at the end of the speech, Dr Lee for 10 g - EPON superiority, present situation and development trends for the penetrating summary. He thinks, 10 g - EPON bandwidth advantage significantly, backward compatibility is strong, can meet the future demand for bandwidth. At the same time, 10 g - EPON to unveil the international standard, 10 g - EPON optical components and optical modules have been mature.

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