What's the difference between a layer 3 switches and routers?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-09

the difference between the layer 3 switches and routers, *, on the other hand, is a layer 3 switches also has the function of 'routing', and the traditional routing routing function is consistent with the overall. Layer 3 switches and routers, though there are quite a big difference. Layer 3 switches is not equal to the router, and at the same time also can't replace the router. Very adapt to the local area network (LAN) environment, layer 3 switches and routers are very suitable for a wide area network. That is to say, the third layer switch can't adapt to the different network topologies, transport protocols different wide-area network system. Specifically, there are the following:

( 1) The main functions of the layer 3 switches and routers constant

although have routing layer 3 switches and routers, but does not equate them so. Now there are a lot of broadband router has routing function not only, also provides a switch port, hardware firewall functions, but can't equate it with switch or firewall. Because the main function of the router or routing functions. Everything else is just additional features, its purpose is to make the equipment more widely applicable, make it more practical. The layer 3 switches here, too, it's still just switch products, but it has some of the basic routing functions of switch, the main function is data exchange.

( 2) The place of layer 3 switches and routers use different

layer 3 switches is mainly used for simple LAN connection. Because of this, routing functions of layer 3 switches is usually simple, less complicated routing path is far from the router. Its main use in the local area network (LAN) or to provide fast data exchange function, meet the application characteristics of local area network data exchange is frequent.

the router is different, it can satisfy different types of network connection. Although can also be applied to the connection between the local area network (LAN), but its routing functions more reflect on the interconnection between different types of networks, such as the connection between LAN and wan, connection between different protocol of network, etc. , so the router is mainly used for different types of network. Routing forwarding, it * the main function is to solve a variety of complex routing path network connection is that it * end purpose, so the routing function of the router usually is very powerful, not only apply to the same agreement between the local area network (LAN), more suitable for the different protocols between LAN and wan. Its advantage is to select * routing, conform to share, link backup and other network exchange routing information and routing of the functions.

( 3) Layer 3 switches and routers process the data in a different way

technically, routers and layer 3 switches exist significant differences in the packet switching operations. Routers usually performed by the routing engine based on the software of the microprocessor packet switching, packet switching and layer 3 switches through hardware execution. Layer 3 switches after routed to * data, it will produce a MAC address and IP address mapping table, when the same data through again, according to this table directly from the second floor by not routing again, thereby eliminating the router routing caused by network delay, improve the efficiency of packet forwarding. At the same time, layer 3 switches route lookup is in view of the data stream, it USES caching technology, it is easy to use to implement ASIC technology. Therefore, can greatly save the cost, and realize fast forward. And a router forwarding with the method of * long matches, complex, often use software to realize, forwarding efficiency is low.

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