Single-mode fiber and multimode fiber

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-28

a, um, = 0 = 1 micron. 001 mm

multimode fiber in the fiber core diameter is 50 ~ 62. 5 microns, cladding outside 125 microns in diameter, single mode optical fiber core diameter is 8. 3 microns, cladding outside 125 microns in diameter. The work of the fiber wavelength has a short wavelength 0. 85 microns, and long wavelength of 1. 31 microns and 1. 55μm。 Fiber loss is generally decreases with longer wavelength, 0. The wastage of the 85 mu m to 2. 5 db /公里,1。 31 mu m loss is 0. 35 db /公里,1。 The wastage of the 55 microns to 0. 20 db/km, this is the lowest optical fiber loss, wavelength of 1. More than 65 microns loss tends to increase. Due to the effect of absorption of the OH ˉ, 0. 90-1. 30 microns and 1. 34 ~ 1. 52 mu m range are loss peak and scope of the two failed to make full use of. The 80 s, tend to use single mode fiber, and with long wavelength 1 first. 31μm。

2, multimode fiber

multimode fiber ( MultiModeFiber) Glass: center core coarser ( 50 or 62. 5μm) , the light can pass various patterns. But its mode dispersion is bigger, this limits the transmission of digital signal frequency, and with the increase of the distance will be more serious. For example: 600 MB/KM optical fiber in 2 KM, only 300 MB bandwidth. Therefore, the multimode optical fiber transmission distance is near, usually only a few kilometers.

three, single-mode fiber

single-mode fiber ( SingleModeFiber) : very fine glass core centre ( Core diameter is commonly 9 or 10 microns) , only the light of a pattern. Therefore, dispersion between the mould is very small, for remote communication, but there are material dispersion and waveguide dispersion, the single-mode fiber have higher request for the spectral width and stability of light source, the spectral width is narrow, the stability is better. Later found in 1. 31 mu m wavelength, single-mode optical fiber's material dispersion and waveguide dispersion is positive, negative, size also happens to be equal. This means that in 1. 31, mu m wavelengths in the total of single-mode fiber dispersion is zero. From the point of the loss of the fiber characteristics, 1. 31 mu m place is just a optical fiber low loss Windows. So, 1. 31 mu m wavelength region became a very ideal job window of optical fiber communication, and is now a practical optical fiber communication system of the main band. 1. 31 microns conventional single-mode fiber by the international telecommunication union are the main parameters of itu-t Set T in G652 proposal, so this kind of fiber is also called G652 fiber.

single-mode and multimode technology is produced at the same time? Which is more advanced multimode is far from the more advanced first, general closer with multimode, only in single mode, because of the multimode optical fiber transceiver is much cheaper than single mode.

single-mode fiber is used for long distance transmission, multimode optical fiber is used for indoor long-distance data transmission, can only use single mode, but the interior data transmission is not necessarily with a multimode.

servers and storage devices with optical fiber is a single mode or multimode mostly USES the multimode, because I just got the communication optical fiber is not too clear on this question.

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