Integrated wiring industry standards

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-22

every a mature industry has the rules of the industry, it is easier to ensure that the interests of customers and make full use of resources.

the international organization for standardization ( ISO) In integrated wiring requirements:

the ISO/IEC 11801:2010 - information technology User structured cabling infrastructure

the ISO/IEC 14763:2012 - information technology User infrastructure structured cabling installation and operation

ISO/IEC 14763 - His 14 - information technology Users of structured cabling infrastructure installation and operation Optical fiber test

ANSI/EIA/TIA - 569 commercial building communication pathways and space standards

ANSI/EIA/TIA - 568 - C commercial building communication wiring standards

ANSI/EIA/TIA - 606 - B commercial building communications infrastructure management standard

the national standardization technical committee information technology in the integrated wiring system of domestic standard basis:

GB - 50311 2007 building and building integrated wiring systems engineering design specification

GB - 50312 2007 building and building integrated wiring systems engineering acceptance specification

integrated wiring system commonly used wiring products:

indoor optical fiber cable, outdoor cable, super five kind of twisted pair seven categories, six types of cable, network cable, information module, fiber optic adapter, fiber optic jumper, panel/socket, distribution frame, wiring tools, desktop terminal products, smart wiring box.

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