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by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-25

crystal head is an important interface device in the network connection, is a kind of can insert along a fixed direction and automatically to prevent loss of plastic fittings, used in network communication, its looks were shining brilliantly, so called crystal head. It is suitable for the level of equipment or system of the termination, the shell with high density polyethylene for materials. Is mainly used to connect the network card port, hubs, switches, telephones, etc.

common classification has the following kinds:

the & # 216; RJ - 7 and a metal sheet, commonly used in the telephone cable or headphones.

& # 216; RJ - But a metal sheet, commonly used to join modem modems and telephone into a line.

& # 216; RJ - All metal sheet, long used in Ethernet, token ring LAN.

with RJ45 and among them the most commonly used, its breakdown is as follows:

1, according to the encapsulation shield ( FTP) And the shielding ( UTP)

2, according to the transport type five and six class two

3, according to the structure is divided into a, two, three, Six more) 。

4, sheet metal is divided into two forks or trigeminal ( General single strand with 3 forks, more shares in 2 fork) 。

5, in order to meet the requirements of the electrical, identified and gold-plated layer thickness ( 1U、3U、6U、10U. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 50U) Gold-plated layer main effect is to improve the transmission stability and oxidation resistance; Gold-plated layer about thickness, the oxidation resistance and stability, the better, of course, the price will be expensive.

when choosing crystal head, some people don't know how to choose, must first clear, crystal head types and different types of copper cable are two concepts, crystal head only five and six, while copper has five classes ( Cat5) And five classes ( Cat5e) And six class ( Cat6) , super six class ( Cat6A) The distinction between. Five kinds of crystal head can produce five classes and super five kind of cables, six crystal head can produce six types and six types of cable. Some people may ask, why the Internet will be a super five, super six crystal head? That's because some manufacturers sometimes will high plating layer thickness and copper content of high quality crystal head so named, such as do super six types of cable, in order to guarantee the stability of the transmission performance, general requirements of crystal head gold finger plating layer to achieve more than 15 u, they will put a name to this crystal head super six crystal head, crystal head or actually belong to six class standard.

5 kinds of crystal head and six crystal head the distinction between the most basic way is to see the inside hole line sorting, 5 class is lined, six classes are up and down two rows of cross each other. As shown in figure:

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