Compact optical module and the use of the SFP + DAC high-speed cable considerations

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-23

the use of compact optical module note

1) take the light module, don't run into compact light metal connection part of the module, in order to avoid damage to optical module.

2. Insert the compact optical module, confirm the shake handshandle of compact optical module is attached to the compact light on the light and then inserted into the module.

3. If just to take out the compact optical module, don't pull the light mouth dustproof plug, plug directly.

(4) pull compact light module, optical fiber line pull out first, will shake handshandle pull to slowly pull out after about 90 degrees and light mouth position, not as it is pulled too hard or shake handshandle pull out not in place, is likely to be damages to the compact optical module shields.

the use of the SFP + DAC high-speed cable note

1. Insert the SFP + DAC high-speed cable, you need to SFP + cable along the horizontal direction light module into the slot, and closely contact with slot.

2. When take out SFP + DAC high-speed cable, pull TAB outward along the horizontal direction, make the module on the cable release, and pull out the cable and at the same time with the hand to resist SFP + module iron shell.

(3) in the process of insert can not excessive bending, torsion cable, otherwise will cause permanent damage.

4. Don't let the noise of optical fiber tail is for your eyes, don't look to the optical fiber inside, don't directly or instrument of using optical fiber tail, laser is invisible, but it may cause permanent damage to the human eye.

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