Caused by fiber attenuation factor

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-12
Optical attenuation factors are caused by the

, absorption loss and scattering loss microbend losses, etc. Scattering loss is mainly produced by Rayleigh scattering, it is caused by the irregular molecular structure of glass micro refractive index fluctuation caused by, is the inherent loss of the fiber, and fiber optic attenuation of the minimum standard. It is inversely proportional to the lambda. 4. The wavelength is less than 0. 8 microns, the Rayleigh scattering loss increases rapidly, limiting the use of optical fiber.

fiber SiO2 substrate material and doping oxide molecular eigen absorption loss and the attenuation of the fiber, the wavelength is greater than 1. 7 microns, increased rapidly. Therefore, the use of this kind of optical wavelength was limited to 0. 8 to 1. 7 micron range. Within this range, the attenuation is mainly quartz glass contains impurities Fe + + and Cu + + transition metal ions and OH - 。 The absorption loss. With the improvement of purification process, impurity absorption loss has been basically eliminated, thus reaching the limit of Rayleigh scattering loss. Irregular small bending mode coupling caused by fiber, killing microbend losses, so should avoid as far as possible in the processing and use of fiber optic microbend.

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