Cable terminal box structure is introduced

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-14

cable terminal box by shell, internal components, optical fiber connectors protection of three parts.

1。 Shell

enclosure should be convenient to open, easy to install; Shell should be used for high pressure metal components of the cable shielding grounding leads to device.

2。 Internal components.

internals should include the following parts:

a. Brace: internal structure of the main body, used for the internal structure of the support,

b。 Set fiber disc: used for sequentially deposited fiber connector ( And its protection) And remaining fiber, were left to the length of the fiber is not less than 1. 6 m, remaining the curvature radius of optical disc shall be not less than 37. 5mm。 And have to continue to provide easy to identify fiber number tags and convenient operation space;

c。 Fixture: for optical cable sheath fixed, fixed cable strengthen and fiber fixed wiring end.

3。 Optical fiber connectors to protect a

fiber connector can use heat shrinkable protection tube, the protection of armor clamp, etc.

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