5 g and optical fiber communication exists between what relation?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-03

when we use the wireless network in a variety of fun, you may not realize, actually each wireless node is connected through a large number of optical fiber communication network. Today, the wireless access point, 5 g networks will need more and more fiber to meet the needs of the growing network.

5 g in the importance of the future application and the presence of the inevitable

keep connection is the necessary part of modern daily life. People are used to answer the call, send E-mail anytime and anywhere, or watch the video. And in the future, human society will have more advanced, more high-speed network interconnection and interflow time, everything may be far beyond our imagination. Industry's demand for simultaneous connections and instantaneous connection will continue to rise.

at present, the 3 g and 4 g networks need every few miles set a acer station, and acer station usually deployed on the tower or the roof of the building. In acer station network, because the signal is blocked, network coverage is often a gap, therefore the need for additional deployment of small base stations, to fill or enhance the user's coverage.

so what is the inevitable relationship between optical fiber and 5 g?

5 g network need to use the radio antenna and closer, to achieve a large number of connections, low latency and high speed connection. While there may be many variables, but in some cases, you may need to every 500 feet or more short distance to deploy 5 g small base station. By deploying more within the area of the smaller base station, has formed a more dense, more rapid and more connected optical fiber communication network.

so, wireless networks are becoming more and more intensive in what happens? In short, the wireless network is 'glass fibrosis' - — With more fiber. The resulting advanced optical fiber communication network make the optical fiber to further into the cities and communities, and extend to street furniture and building facade.

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